Around MLB: Could the Reds Be a Lumber Company?

At just a little over a week in, the Cincinnati Reds are the hottest team in baseball sporting top rankings in many offensive statistics. Today, we take a look at the players and situations that have brought last year’s lethargic offense to the top of the heap. How can the Reds be one of the best offenses in baseball in 2021?

Bauer & Snell look sharp in their debuts

Two of the best pitchers in baseball made their debuts for teams that are expected to be competing for a division title in the National League West.  Former American League Cy Young award winner, Blake Snell, came over to the San Diego Padres from the defending AL champs in a blockbuster trade back in December.  And the reigning National League Cy Young winner, Trevor Bauer, signed a three-year $102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in February.

Landing spots for J.T. Realmuto & the Big Four in Free Agency

“I don’t expect the Nationals to just stand pat and just think like, okay, we’ll just kind of see what happens.”

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Teams Declining Notable Player Options Are First Chapter in MLB Off-Season of Tight Payrolls

The new MLB off-season may be less than a week old, but the economic realities of the COVID era that we live in are already taking shape. We are obviously still incredibly early in the process. Front office members and manager’s seats are still being decided and one team has even changed hands at the ownership level. However, the most impactful way that this new reality has manifested itself so far is in the actions teams have taken in relation to picking up or declining contract options for their players.