My Two Cents

It has been a rough week for 3 of the 4 major sports teams here in Philadelphia. Our beloved Phillies charged out to a 5-0 start to the season but dropped 13 of their next 21, bringing a .500 record, 13-13, into Saturday’s matchup with the stinking Mets. Their is certainly a different vibe with this club as opposed to last year. When they get centerfield straightened out, they should be very hard to beat.

(Yong Kim/ Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Flyers lost themselves right out of the playoffs. This was another year that they were supposed to go all the way, but they only made it all the way to Wildwood. I am not sure where you can place the blame for the continued losing with no playoffs this year and knocked out in Round 1 last year. A.V. is the easiest goat but I think this is a, “I can only use the players you give me.” I feel for him but the head coach is the easiest scape coat.

The Eagles again did not make the playoffs and their record hasn’t been this bad since Andy Reid’s last year at 4-12 and Reid’s 1st season in 1998 at 3-13. The Eagles are having a great draft as of 4pm on May 1st. I am really thinking that someone took the draft away from Howie because it seems all the Talking Heads are behind these picks which is something not seen in this city. Since there is no precedent, there is no way to handicap the season but I think it is safe to assume we will have more than 4 wins. In the new 17 game season, I am predicting 9 or 10 wins with 11 at the outside. With that prediction I have been called several things, the only one printable was an eternal optimist. I will take that any day.

When Doc Rivers came to town, he threw the word “process” out of his lexicon of words. And guess what happened, the 76ers are in a position to win the division and the division. The team also recently showed that either Ben or JoJo need to be active to be competitive enough to win. The supporting cast are very good but without a floor leader there is no one there for guidance. The Sixers remain a half game behind the Nets and it would be nice to get that #1 spot in the division. It doesn’t sound like much but it is. You get to play the lowest seed. Let’s hope that Doc has the right medicine to take the Sixers all the way.

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