How Much Goodwill Does The DeVonta Smith Pick Buy Howie Roseman.

Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman had been under a lot of pressure to finally hit on one of his draft picks. Year after year of misses has caused a fan base pacified by a Super Bowl to become irritated and ready for a change. But last night may have turned the tide or at least put the ship on a better course.

The Pick, And How It Came To Be

Smith and former teammate Jalen Mills are set for a reunion in Philly.

The Eagles selected Alabama wideout DeVonta Smith with the 10th overall pick in last night’s draft and it widely accepted as a smart move and the right thing to do. But how that move came to be was anything but simple. Philly originally had the 6th pick but made a trade with Miami that netted them the 12th pick and 1st the following season. Then last night they traded the 12th pick to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for number 10 and number 84. At which point they selected the Heisman Trophy winner.

Does This Change The Perception Of Roseman

The short answer is no. Not hardly. Roseman has done nothing to have gained our ultimate trust as a fan base. But it is a step in the right direction. Yes, people will say you shouldn’t celebrate people for doing their job and what they are supposed to do. But when you screw up as often as the boy wonder has, even pulling off a no brainer should be lauded. But in the end only time will tell. After all we still have 5 more rounds to go and this thing could still be a bust. But here’s to optimism.

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