Jenkins, Held, And Collard Shine In PFL 1 Regular Season Main Card

The Professional Fighter’s League kicked off the 2021 season Friday night and they did not disappoint. The entire show was full of action and the main card especially lived up to the hype.

Bubba Jenkins vs Lance Palmer

Bubba Jenkins controlled the action in this fight from the early going. He utilized timely take downs to nullify any offense his opponent tried to muster. With the contest virtually in hand in the 3rd round Jenkins was able to stave off a desperate submission attempt from Palmer to take home a unanimous decision and the highly important 3 points for the win.

Movlid Khaybulaev vs Lazar Stojadinovic

Khaybulaev completely dominant this bought in the early going. At one point he manage to out land and out strike his foe at a margin of 10 to 1. And for good measure he ended the fight with a take down leaving no doubt to the results. A unanimous decision and 3 points in the standings.

Nathan Schute vs Marcin Held

Schute and Held started throwing haymakers at one another. Each fighter trying to end the fight with one swing. As time went on Held was able to out-strike his opponent and score the only takedown, as the second round came to a close. A back and forth final round gave way to close decision. But in the end Marcin Held took unanimous 29-28 victory on all three cards.

Anthony Pettis vs Clay Collard

Clay Collard took the fight to Anthony Pettis in the early going, giving up hardly any ground. Consecutive big shots from Collard in the second round sent Pettis tumbling to the mat, but he was unable to but the former UFC star away. The 3rd round was undoubtedly the best round of the night of any fight. Pettis did every thing he could to possibly steal a victory but the final round ended with both fighters standing. When all was said and done Collard did the unthinkable and came away with a unanimous decision victory

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