Hard to Believe Harry

Those words in the title would have been heard quite a few times this year due to the way the Phillies are playing. Harry and Richie are the Gold Standard by which all announcers should be measured by. Having watched and or listened to over 1500 games called by them, I can still hear their voices. They made you laugh and Richie always pointed out the errors of the players, especially bunting, and you could hear the aggravation in his voice. This article is going to try the impossible, interview and listen to the best crew. Please join me in this walk through time.

—Well Richie we have an early day off and our Phillies are 5-1. Could you ever imagine this after the past few seasons? —No Harry, somehow Joe Girardi with a full off season, has put the same pieces that couldn’t get to .500 last year and has them at 5-1. It looks like they are the best fundamentally sound team we have had here in a while. But let’s not forget we still have a long way to go. —Yes Richie, but as we all know, every game matters. To go 5-1 against all division teams is a big jump on the rest of the league. The pitching looks great but what do you think is the biggest turnaround for the boys in blue and red. —Well Harry, you are right the pitching has been a big turnaround but look at Rhys Hoskins. He is hitting everything under the sun. Hoskins is hitting .417, I think you had to add the last 2 seasons together to get .417. Let’s hope it stays. —You hit that nail on the head. He is hitting, running the bases and fielding exceptionnally well. Maybe it really was the coaching that made a difference. —The other thing, Harry, is they are running the bases with a passion. 6 stolen bases and bunts make the game look like a different era, maybe the 60’s. —True Richie but do you think that comes from our strong pitching getting the team settled or just the team finally having a good coach. The bunt is not used properly across all of baseball. —Harry the bunt is probably the easiest, misused hit in baseball. It goes by the same rule, Hit ’em where they ain’t. You have to get the bat out front and direct the ball where you want it to go. Usually the fast guys bunt to get a hit, so they can steal 2nd and get in position to score. —True Richie and they seem to be more prepared than any other year. What’s your feel of the team going forward. —Harry, I can see this team getting to 100 wins but it is early. If one of the key players gets hurt, the 100 could be 80 quickly. So let’s take them one at a time. —Richie, so true. But let’s have fun while it’s happening. —Hard to believe Harry.

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