The Spring League Adds Two Teams, Expanded Schedule & Coaches for 2021 Season

As The Spring League’s 2021 season inches closer, expansion has become more and more evident. The league announced this past Monday via Twitter that two new teams will be added ahead of play this Spring. The first of which, who’s logo can be seen below, was given an official reveal this past Tuesday. The 7th official TSL team will be known as the Sea Lions. While the second new team and 8th team overall awaits a logo, we know they will be known as the Linemen. Additionally, the league will be adding two more weeks onto it’s regular season. This creates a 6-week season, with week 7 being the championship game.

Other News & Notes

Following it’s 2020 season, The Spring League has been busy and active along multiple fronts. Firstly, per a report from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, the league will be adding two additional weeks to it’s schedule. Last season saw a proposed, four week slate of games followed by a championship game. COVID-19 issues led to the league cancelling it’s week four games, and pushing back it’s title game several weeks.

Secondly, after a bumpy road leading into it’s championship game, the league appears to be heading in the direction of a bubble atmosphere once again in 2021. The 2020 season was spent in San Antonio, Texas, housing all players, coaches and staff. Games were played at the Alamodome. Per the Spring League’s CEO Brian Woods, the league will operate out of two bubbles in 2021. The bubbles will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Houston, Texas. Games will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium and Rice Stadium respectively.

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Included in the above mentioned report from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, the league will also adopt a proposed NFL overtime rule. Originating from the Baltimore Ravens, the rule allows one team to determine where to spot the ball, while the other gets to choose which teams get the first possession in overtime.

Next, the league has applied for trademarks for several USFL teams, and even the USFL name itself. For those unfamiliar with The USFL, aka the United States Football League, was a spring football league in the 1980s which played three seasons. The teams who’s names were trademarked by the TSL include the following:

  • Tampa Bay Bandits
  • New Orleans Breakers
  • Houston Gamblers
  • Pittsburgh Maulers
  • Michigan Panthers
  • Memphis Showboats

Lastly, the league rolled out a Press Release with further details on it’s bubbles, head coaches and schedule for the season. The league will have two divisions, The North Division and The South Division. the North Division hub will be based in Indianapolis and will house the Conquerors, Aviators, Alphas and Linemen. Meanwhile the l South Division will be located in Houston Texas and will be the home of the Blues, Jousters, Generals and Sea Lions. The HC of the newly formed Sea Lions will be former San Diego Chargers and San Antonio Commanders head coach Mike Riley. The Jousters get an HC with NFL and XFL coaching experience in Kevin Gilbride.

Full details can be found in this Press Release sent out by the Spring League:


There’s a lot to unpack and sort through in The Spring League currently. With new teams, and expanded schedule, rule changes, and a slew of trademark filings, one this is clear. The TSL may be a developmental league, but they’re doing everything they can to push the envelope in spring football. So, what’s next on the docket for the league? The second of it’s two combines for potential players is set to take place later on this month. The Spring League season kicks off on Thursday, May 6th with games being televised on FS1. Ladies and gentlemen, spring football is just around the corner!

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