My Two Cents

Following a week that found our Flyers spiralling, The Phillies playing mediocre in the Grapefruit league, the Sixers struggling with injuries, we could take solace in the Eagles having the #6 pick in the draft because even Howie couldn’t screw that up. Right???? Well Howie, how could we underestimate you like that. Howie took the #6 and traded it for a #12 and other swaps of picks. But let’s look at the reality of this; the Eagles have no back-up quarterback, no #1 or playmaking WR and an offensive line that is passing retirement age. Notice, I did not mention the running game or the defensive side at all. So with our team in such great shape, let’s just swap 1st rounders this year because we don’t have any desparate needs. Now I could be wrong because if Carson Wentz performs better than expected, we get another 1st rounder. That would be nice but I don’t see it happening. Howie just keeps frustrating us.

The Sixers are still the beasts of the East, even with a 1.5 game lead over the Nets and have won 9 of their last 10 despite injuries to their top 2 players, Ben and JoJo. And while Ben has been out Seth Currie got hurt leaving our team having to play Point Guard by committee. And they played very well. Even at the trade deadline, they only picked up what they needed, a point guard in George Hill. Hill brings experience, good defense and decent scoring for a backup PG. For those of you out there that wanted Kyle Lowry, Ppphhtttt!!!! He was not needed. He would have brought a super star mentality to a team that functions well with 2 super stars already who play like team players. Sixers are championship material and should get there if the injury bug stays away.

As I am writing this the Flyers are beating the Rangers and are 5 points out of a playoff berth. They need to make the playoffs and then climb to a better berth. Is AV capable of doing that, from what I am seeing today, I would say yes. They need to take today and build on it. If they don’t, the Flyers will probably have a new front office and coach. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and our FlyBoys take care of business this year.

The Phillies continue to switch up players and lineups to get every player enough opportunities. Girardi is keeping his cards close and not saying much about the roster with the exception that Nola will be the starter and that was pretty well known anyway. In my opinion, the only position open is centerfield and that will probably the lesser of all the evils. We have to wait and see how how good Girardi is with a full spring training camp. Let’s hope he can handle Philly.

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