Travels with Lewy – Depression and Apathy

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Depression and Apathy, they have similar descriptions but are they that similar. With Apathy, you get a feeling of not caring maybe some confusion and a feeling of not wanting to do anything. While with Depression you don’t care at all anymore about, what happens, whom you may be hurting, or what outcome your actions may bring. I feel that Apathy may be a bridge from a somewhat off feeling straight to depression. I think that is how many Lewys fall into depression quicker and why it lasts longer in us. As I write this I have to remind everyone reading that I am not a Doctor. I am just another Lewy sharing my thoughts and experiences. If you are experiencing Apathy or Depression, please see your doctors and let them know.

Apathy is sometimes not treated like depression as Apathy has only 1 classification and Depression has several, Classic, Bi-Polar, among others. To Lewys Apathy is a deep swirl downward, almost a free fall. It only stops when you hit the shelf just above depression. Once you slip off the shelf, you again freefall downward to depression. You can fight off the Apathy but it is alot easier for the non-Lewys. For Lewys it could take months or even longer. Everyone knows if you have more people helping you get out of a hole, it is a hell of a lot easier. If you slip into the abyss of the depressions, it is much harder to get back up on your feet without having friends to support you. Battling Depression alone is not easy and may be impossible. If you have to battle Depression, the first thing you need to do is get into a depression awareness group and find someone who has been through Depression to help you one on one. You also need to see your primary doctor as soon as possible to see if they can do anything. Next tell your friends and family what you are doing. Finding out who your real friends are will surprise you.

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So how does this affect us Lewys?? From my experience, we Lewys may experience Apathy but only briefly on the slippery slope to Depression. Once there, as I said above, it really does take a village to get back out. Many Lewys are lucky enough to have a loved one or caretaker to help them so the village won’t be hard to find. There are plenty of Lewy Groups on Facebook and the one attached to this blog will be of great help to you. The groups have a special way to keep us going but like everything else, it doesn’t work for everyone. Getting the right combination, just like meds, can take some time. Please, I am asking everyone, if you don’t feel right, ask to talk to someone after the meeting or zoom call. You can always contact me through this blog. Don’t think there is no one out there to help you or listen. Everyone should be entitled to a good quality of life.

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