My 2 Cents – Sixers Trades, Phillies Magic, and more.

We will start our thoughts while I am watching the Sixers lead the Bulls by 14 to start the 3rd quarter. I have checked the Twitterverse and still see the tweety birds trying to sell Sixers trades and why we need them to get to the next level. Well my Tweeters, the Sixers are at the next level. They are playing without Ben and JoJo and are making Zack Levine, one of the names mentioned in trades, look like a 2nd teamer on the JV team.

So what I am saying, the problem with the Sixers when the process was said to be over, was the coach. I am sure Brett Brown can be a successful coach again but not after tanking for 4 years. He lost all respect and it was not his fault. He just couldn’t get the Sixers to turn the key from Autodrive to Full Power. Doc Rivers is doing that. He has the team ising all pistons and winning along the way. So I plead with the Twitterverse, stop asking for trades that we don’t need or want.

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Phillies, the bane of Philly Sports fans for the last few years, things are looking up for the 2021 season. Returning the lineup from last year, plus a full season of Alec Bohm, the return or Odubel Herrera, and several better names filling out the pitching staff have the name Phillies being mentioned, dare we say, as possible playoff material. The bats are better, the gloves are slightly better and the pitching is definitely better. This could easily be a good playoff run for the Phightins if they can stay away from the dreaded injury bug. The anticipation is killing me. I hope the play lives up to the hype we have been hearing from Clearwooder.

The Flyers, plain and simple, need to get better on defense. You cannot keep trying to come back from 2-3 goals down and expect to compete or blame the goaltender. Hart and Elliot are doing a decent job but they continually get bombarded by multiple shots on goal.

In the Eagles Nest, the papa Eagle has spoken, Hurts us the starter. There will be no trading for another starter. The Eagles will fill the other needs first. They are too many to mention. The Eagles have more holes than a golf course and not enough draft picks to fill them all. What the Eagles truly need is a Dombrowski or Morey to replace Howie to get started. But we have 4 months to discuss this on Twitter. Leave the Sixers alone.

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