Meet Kelsey Koelzer. Hockey’s newest phenom

When talking to Kelsey Koelzer, it is not like talking to other head coaches. She has been at the top her game at all levels, even at 4 years old. There is also an eagerness to speak and get her story out as much for Arcadia University, her new employer, as well as for herself, to get her incredible story out.

Koelzer’s accomplishments include; 1st team All-American at Princeton, Number 1 overall draft pick in the National Women’s Hockey League, Ivy League Player if the Year for 2016, member of the Ivy League Champs and Quarter Finalist in Women’s NCAA. Achieving the above would be enough for most athletes but for Koelzer it is just starting.

So when Arcadia University began looking for a coach for their new team, their search went no further than Kelsey Koelzer. In light of her resumé, it was a perfect fit. She is always up for a challenge and loves sharing her knowledge with others. When I asked her about this challenge, she said there is some fear and nerves but she welcomes the challenge and says she is up for that challenge. This will also be a new learning oppurtunity for her as a coach. Her College days at Princeton also prepared her well, as they kept improving, kept practice exciting with hard work and a close camaraderie. Koelzer expects to bring that same atmosphere to Arcadia. And is eager to bring her experience to provide a learning oppurtunity on how to win.

For a young woman who started playing hockey with family at 4 years old. This playing has led to a lifetime love for hockey. This love has led to many accolades that she hopes to add to while coaching at Arcadia. When asked about her transition, she said Arcadia has been nothing but supportive and accomodating. She knows that in a sport with very few minorities, she is breaking the glass ceiling and is paving the way for other young ladies of color to have an easier path in life because of people like herself. After a short phone interview, she has me convinced.

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