Minor League season to be pushed back

The Minor League Baseball season is being pushed back by a month.  In particular, the Triple-A baseball season will be thrusted back to around the same time that Double & Class A are expected to start, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Judy Griesedieck/Star Tribune via Getty Images

This is happening due to Major League Baseball reincorporating alternate training sites, like they did during the COVID-19 shortened season.  Last year, the sites were set up to coincide with MLB’s Health & Safety protocols, so teams could have a place to train and condition players.  This year, the sites will make it easier for clubs to keep an eye on safety protocols & coronavirus testing.  Even though the pandemic numbers have been slowly getting better, having the training sites this season will reduce risk of contracting the virus by temporarily abolishing the commercial airline travel that teams would use during the Triple-A season.  While also delaying the start of said season, it increases the likelihood that players in Triple-A can get vaccinated before the season starts, being in line with Class & Double A and MLB.

Opening day for MLB will not be affected.  But, with the Triple-A season being delayed, it will run through September, the usual Minor League year ending at the beginning of the month. 

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