Howie Roseman Is Once Again Trying To Work His Salary Cap Magic

The Philadelphia Eagles have started off the month of March with a plethora of financial moves, with the hopes of solving their salary cap issues. General Manager Howie Roseman is no stranger to restructuring deals and creating cap space out of thin air. But will his latest feat of contract prestidigitation be enough to make the team competitive, and keep him off the hot seat in 2021. Only time will tell.

Players Involved

The first domino to fall was center Jason Kelce. The multiple time All Pro agreed to come back on a team friendly deal that will net him $9 million dollars in guaranteed money. Next up was prized 2020 acquisition, cornerback Darius Slay. Slay reworked his deal and created $9.4 Million in cap space for Philly. However, Roseman and company still have a long way to go in recovering from the record breaking hit taken when they traded quarterback Carson Wentz.

Probable Moves Ahead

Roseman will have his work cut out for him if this team is going to have any chance of bringing in any new talent. They’ll have to make some tough decisions on fan favorite players like Jason Peters and Zach Ertz. And even then preventing the team from having one of the league’s worse rosters. So strap in Eagles fans it’s gonna be a long ride.

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