Travels With Lewy – Giving Thanks

Too often we all forget to thank people who have helped us, not just us Lewys, but everyone. I want to take a second to say thank you to the many people who have helped me along this crazy thing called life. There are too many to put in one group and also different levels (so I hopefully don’t forget anyone).

The First and most important group is my immediate family. There is 2 stages of this, my household and my siblings. I would not be able to do as much as I am without my wife, Amy. She pushes me to do more. She keeps me in line when I am getting upset when things are not working, especially when it is my Lewy that is the reason, I am doing it wrong, this includes working the remote and putting in the wrong numbers and I blame the remote. For all the times she handles the Lewy in me and her unconditional love, I will forever love and thank Amy, I probably would not be here without you. To my Children. You know Daddy is sick but we haven’t told you how bad, for that I am sorry. But for your hugs, smiles and the ability to make me laugh, I will be eternally grateful. You have no idea how much they mean to me. To my Brother-in-law, you have picked up the slack with a lot of the carrying things in and out of the house and have helped Amy with a lot of the housework. I don’t say Thank You enough. Buy I am so grateful and happy to have you around. Thank you. To my my brothers and sister, You call when you can, you all have busy lives and children and lives of your own. I appreciate the calls and encouragement. I somehow found a rough trip to take. I wish I could return it and start over but unfortunately that just isn’t possible. But thank you for checking in and reading up on this wonderful disease.

The next group to thank is my extended family, my cousins and Aunts and Uncles. I am sorry that I am grouping you all into one group. If I didn’t, I would probably forget a name, and I don’t want to do that. I thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. They mean the world to me. I often think back to better days when we were younger and would be goofing off at family party’s. It always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for helping create those memories and talking to God on my behalf. I send kind words for all of you too.

The last group is probably the largest, my friends and friends of friends. This group probably has no idea that they are helping me. But each time we bust each other’s chops or talk about music and the old days, you help my brain exercise and hopefully stay engaged for a little while. Not to mention just getting out to see friends, makes my day and probably the week. For that I am very greatful.

When you add all of these groups together, I have a pretty damn good support team. but there are times I need to reach out to someone who has Lewy. That is why I joined several support groups on Facebook. I have some that I like better than others but all can be helpful. To chat with others going through the same kinds of problems that you have gone through or are going through, is comforting. We all help each other in the chat rooms. And I think we do a heck of job in helping each other out.

The last person I have to thank is our Lord. It is He who has placed us here and it is with his All Knowing and All Loving that we have Lewy Body Dementia. Are we here to help someone, guide someone, to be guided by someone to help them feel better. To help others by hosting a podcast or writing a blog. We will never know until we are at the Pearly Gates and the Lord lets us in. My hope and prayer is that one day we all meet at those Pearly Gates to help all of our friends get in.

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