The Spring League to Host Tryouts for Upcoming 2021 Season

The news broke late Monday night that The Spring League would be hosting tryouts for the first time in league history. The tryouts are in partnership with the American National Combines, the nations leading combine provider. The ANC also serves other football leagues including the NFL, CFL & XFL.

(Via The Spring League on FaceBook)

The first tryout is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th in Houston, Texas at The University of Houston Indoor Field. The second tryout will take place on Tuesday, April 12th at the Legacy Center Sports Complex in Detroit, Michigan. Any player interested in the TSL must participate in these tryouts to be eligible to play in the upcoming season. Also, active players in the Fall 2020 TSL season will not need to be a part of the tryouts to secure a roster spot this year.

Coming off the heels of it’s 2020 season, The Spring League looks to keep building momentum. The league has secured it’s games on television via FS1, and has had over 25 players from last season sign with either the NFL or CFL. While nothing is etched in stone for the upcoming season, we expect to hear more updates on the 2021 season in the coming months.

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