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When you hear the word teaching in association with Lewy Body, you would think it should be the patient being taught but sadly in most cases it is the doctor who needs to be taught. One of my good friends in the Lewy groups took her husband to the hospital recently and she had to hand pamphlets from the Lewy Body Dementia Association to the doctors because they had no idea what Lewy is. 1 nurse even asked is this something new. To have this happening when Lewy is the second most diagnosed form of dementia is a scary situation.

Doctors are trusted and when we go to them with our health concerns, they should have more knowledge than us. I am sure most doctors least favorite words are, “we talked about this med on the podcast.” or “I read this in a journal.”.

Mother and daughter

It is amazing at this disregard to a form of dementia that is climbing up the charts. Aren’t they supposed to be reading up on this stuff? As a caregiver for her husband, whom is in a bad space and time with Lewy, couldn’t the doctors have faked it to make her comfortable. Why should it be the caregiver’s job to teach the Doctor when their brain is probably in a worse place than their loved one?

In my opinion and if you have been following along, either in Curry and Linda’s podcast or my articles, you knew this was coming. Doctors get sales reps everyday. Why can’t they get a little education once a week? Have a teaching doctor show up once a week with updates on new diseases and reading materials. That would just be too easy. I know that all jobs where I was a manager, we had 1/2 day sessions with new products and their description. If the food service industry can do this why can’t the medical field? Aren’t doctors supposed to keep up to date as part of their oath or maybe just so they can better treat their lifelong patients? These aren’t rhetorical questions. They are honest questions that we Lewys need to know.

I know I may have sounded harsh on the doctors, that would be because I am. I thought Drs took an oath to be compassionate towards their patients. If you don’t know something, use some of the compassion skills in order to keep your patient confident. Just a quick, “I need to look into it a little more.” It sure beats, ” That must be a new one”.

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