FCF Draft – Week 3 Results

The first two week’s of Fan Controlled Football‘s season v1.0 have come and gone. Plenty of intrigue has surrounded this brand new, cutting edge football product. With fans having the ability to draft players to their selected team, the dynamic of the fan element changes significantly. The Beasts sit atop the FCF standings, winning each of their first two games so far this year. The Glacier Boyz and Wild Aces share a 1-1 record, and the Zappers bring up the rear at 0-2. Heading into tonight’s draft, the MAN UP! Challenge once again did not disappoint. The following players won a Power Up which carries over to the team that drafts them this week:

Quarterback Braden Smith, Wide Receiver Joseph Boykin, Defensive Back James Gales, Jr.

Each team also announced it’s third Franchise tagged player on Wednesday, February 24th. A bit of a twist occurred this time around, as fans were able to vote on who would get the tag. For the Beasts, secondary Quarterback TJ Edwards II was tagged. Edwards II joins his Beasts teammates Troy Evans and Quinton Flowers. The Glacier Boyz tagged Wide Receiver KaVontae Turpin. Turpin joins a GB squad that boasts Quarterback David Pindell and Wide Receiver Andrew Jamiel. The Wild Aces fans picked Wide Receiver Richaud Floyd. Floyd will pair up with Quarterback Jackson Erdmann and Superback LaDarius Galloway. Lastly, the Zappers would tag Wide Receiver Travis Toivonen. Trav Daddy joins the likes of Quarterback Johnny Manziel and Superback Anthony Jones.

The FCF Draft uses a snake format. Draft Order was as follows, based off record / points scored:

Zappers (0-2)

Glacier Boyz (1-1)

Wild Aces (1-1)

Beasts (2-0)

NOTE: Offensive Line / Tight End and Defensive Line units were drafted twice, and each unit plays in both games each week. Due to the number of Franchise Tags, the weeks draft shifts from seven rounds to six.

Let’s get to the draft, shall we? The Zappers are on the clock…


Zappers – QB Logan Marchi – Sacred Heart (previous team – Zappers)

Glacier Boyz – SB Calen Campbell – Underwood (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Wild Aces)

Wild Aces – WR Raphael Leonard – Southern Illinois (previous teams – Wild Aces, Zappers)

Beasts – WR Christian Saulsberry – West Alabama (previous team – Beasts)


Beasts – WR Joseph Boykin Savannah State (previous team – Glacier Boyz) With Power Up

Wild Aces – QB Deondre Francois – Florida State (previous teams – Wild Aces, Glacier Boyz)

Glacier Boyz – QB Ed Crouch – McPherson College (previous team – Wild Aces)

Zappers – WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi – Phenix College (previous teams – Beasts, Zappers)


Zappers – Defense – Shut Down Squad (previous teams – Wild Aces, Beasts, Zappers)

Players Included: Marquill Osborne, Domink Sanders, Joseph Putu, Max Davis, Joe Tito, Darreon Jackson, Kyle Kitchens, Ja’Michael Edwards-Lott, Marloshawn Franklin, Styvis Latham, Karrheem Darrington, Owen Obasuyi, James Lee, Dakavian Champion, Travonte Valentine, Donte Lynch

Glacier Boyz – Defense – Heavy Hitters (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Zappers) With Power Up

Players Included: Cecil Cherry, Donte Rumph, Roman Tatum, Jonathan McKinney Jr., Nicholas Williams, Jordan Harold, Curtis Collins, Dillon Winfrey, TJ Holl, Benjamin Hunt IV, James Bass, Ikechukwu Adigwu, James Gales Jr., Clavacia Smith, Glenn Harris, Fred Conyers

Wild Aces – WR Douglas McNeil III – Bowie State (previous team – Wild Aces)

Beasts – Offensive Line / Tight Ends – Block Party (previous teams – Wild Aces, Beasts, Glacier Boyz)

Players Included: Jeremiah Poutasi, Jaylen Flye-Sadler, David Meza, Elkanah Dillon, D’Marcus Hayes, Justin Brown, Jeremias Houston, Lawrence Keys


Beasts – SB Quinn Porter – Stillman College (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Beasts)

Wild Aces – Offensive Line / Tight Ends – Block Party (previous teams Wild Aces, Beasts, Glacier Boyz)

Glacier Boyz – WR Alphonso Carter Tennessee / Louisville (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Zappers)

Zappers – WR Isaiah King (previous teams – Wild Aces, Beasts)


Zappers – SB Berkley Edwards – Michigan (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Zappers)

Glacier Boyz – SB Madre London – Tennessee (previous teams – Zappers)

Wild Aces – SB Daryl Virgies – Virginia Lynchburg (previous teams – Wild Aces)

Beasts – WR Yedidiah Louis – Sam Houston State


Beasts – Shut Down Squad – Defense (previous teams – Wild Aces, Beasts, Zappers)

Wild Aces – Heavy Hitters – Defense (previous teams – Glacier Boyz, Zappers)

Glacier Boyz – Dam Nation – Offensive Line / Tight Ends – (previous teams – Zappers, Glacier Boyz)

Players Included: Pat Allen, Deylon Key, Christopher Bazile, Elijah Smith, Xavier Dampeer, Kamalie Matthews, Darren Dowdell, Alan Randall, Saige Young

Zappers – Dam Nation – Offensive Line / Tight Ends – (previous teams – Zappers, Glacier Boyz)

Undrafted Players Include:

Quarterback – Braden Smith (With Power Up)

Superback – Ben Sieczkowski

Wide Receivers – Elijah Rogers, Jordus Smith, Treydonte’ Hill, LaMarcus Caradine, Joshua Johnson, James Harden

As the FCF season ticks on, the draft becomes more and more prevalent. The strategies of each team can change week by week. Should you draft the best player available? Maybe look to your schedule and draft according to your opponents picks? Ride the hot hands? The possibilities are endless. One thing is certain, this has been a whole lot of fun. Week 3 games kick off this Saturday at 8 PM EST. Let’s see how things shake up as we approach the halfway point in what’s been an incredible season v1.0!

Video Credits: (Via @fcflio on Twitter)

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