Eagles To Release DeSean Jackson For The Second Time

When the news broke that DeSean Jackson would be once again joining the Philadelphia Eagles , it was met with excitement and optimism. Fast forward two years and a barrage of injuries later and the Philly faithful are singing another tune, as the wide out is set to be released.

A Long Time Coming

It was clear after Jackson missed 13 of the 16 games of his first season back with the team in 2019, that he just wasn’t the same player. We thought maybe with a chance to fully heal he’d be ready for action in 2020. But an off-season of promise soon gave way to the frightening reality that the 3x Pro Bowl selection’s body just wast up for the task. And so with that it was no surprise the franchise finally decide to part ways with the fan favorite.

Where Does He Go From Here

Well if his Instagram posts are any indication he still intends to play. And if that is his wish he should do so. He could be affective in a limited capacity. However, he has to be aware that Father Time is unbeaten and his next injury could very well be his last. Until then we will bid number 10 a fond fair well and thank him for the memories. As his Instagram moniker suggest he was truly one of one.

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