Brady vs Belichick

This debate will go on long after these two NFL Titans are long gone

Chicken or egg, Coach or Player?

Let’s open up this debate with the old adage “What came first the chicken or the egg?” this is very fitting when it comes to Bill vs Tom . Most people have a blurred line sense of their history before and while together as the best coach & QB in NFL history. Regardless of today’s super bowl outcome, I’ll explain why it’s one sided.

Bill before Brady

Yes, thats the most feared NFL coach of all time looking very average.

Believe it or not Bill Belichick had a career before Tom Brady and they both hit the dual sided “Lottery”. Bellicheck was always a respected defensive mind coming from his years with the New York Giants from 1980-1990 & 85-90 as the defensive coordinator. While with the G-Men Bellicheck was at the helm as D Coordinator for their 1987 Super bowl winning team, score one for good ole Bill. But when he went out on his own away from the comfort of NY & being the “Robin” to Bill Parcells “Batman”, he didn’t fair so well. At the helm in Cleveland as a HC his record was 36-44 with a 1-1 Playoff record, it didn’t exactly scream “pick me” to run your franchise. After a one year “reunited” stint with Parcells in 1996 in New England, Parcells tapped his buddy Bill to go with him to New York again this time with the New York Jets where they coached together til 99. Then Belichick pulled a “McDaniels” before McDaniels ever did (maybe Josh learned his Indy move from his boss) basically, Bellicheck was to be the Head coach for the Jets and backed out to take over the Pats post Pete Carroll era and thats when it becomes history. Some would say (Parcells fans) that if not for Parcells and Brady Bellicheck would have had no career, but we must move on.

Tommy boy before Belichick

TB12 was TB10 and discounted all 4 years at Michigan, which may be where his fire comes from

Tom Brady had a great college career, but it was not without bumps and snubs. Brady went 20-5 while a Wolverine and a 134 QB rating wasn’t too shabby. Brady had to deal with being sandwiched between Brian Griese & the next “best thing” in Drew Henson. We know how it all worked out in the end. This is where your writer thinks Brady’s killer instinct was sharpened to be the absolute best and to quote “Conan the Barbarian” his best life was to “crush his enemies, see them driven before him before him and hear the lamentations of their women”. After being drafted the 199th pick in the 6th round and to add further discount, it was a compensatory pick to boot. Brady famously told Bob Kraft his rookie year “thank you for picking me, you’ll never regret drafting me”. Some say thats pretty cocky considering another Drew, Drew Bledsoe was locked in at QB and was having great success in NE. But one Mo Lewis hit in week 2 of the 2001 season and the rest his football history.

If anyone told you this guy 👆 would be the GOAT back then, you would have laughed harder then at a Kevin Hart joke.

By the numbers

We probably should only compare the two after the long term without each other but with only one year under their seperation and one of them back in the Super Bowl, I couldn’t resist. Bill Belichick as a HC without Tom Brady is 41-55 (Clev & 00′ NE) and his Patriots went from 12-4 in Brady’s last year to a paltry 7-9 without TB12 at the helm. Down in Tampa, Brady took a (very talented mind you) 7-9 Bucs team to 12-4 and oh yeah they’re playing in the Super Bowl today. My verdict is to lean towards the guy who I share a last name with (No relation of course) keep this in mind, Tom Brady is playing in his 10th Super bowl today, the dude is the GOAT and I think if he went anywhere he would have willed his way to greatness. Most people who argue one side or the other may not realize that Tom Brady makes every single player better when he steps on the field (Maybe our Ginger prince who is about to be traded could learn a thing or two from his example) if you knew about Scotty Miller or Chris Hogan before Tom Brady you’re either their agent or related to them. Just last week while in their locker room a Tampa player was crying in joy after winning the NFC championship (as anyone would) , to which Brady apparently yelled at him saying “what the F@ck are you crying about? We aren’t done yet man!” Some say its mean and cold, I say it’s badass and reassuring that this QB wants the best for himself and his team.

The decision is this guy made Belichick more then Bellicheck made him, IMO

In closing, It’s your writer’s humble opinion that Tom Brady did more for Bill Belichick then Bill did for him.

Every time I see Bill Belichick I wonder if he hears “Baby come back” by Player in his head when he thinks about Tom Brady every single day.

P. S. Tampa 44- KC-35

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