Carson Wentz Has The Right To Remain Silent

Much has been made about the silence and some what despondent behavior of Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz has been none existent since his benching, save for an appearance to congratulate teammate Rodney McLeod for big a Walter Payton Man Of The Year nominee. Even as the team has moved on from head coach Doug Pederson. Wentz has been mute. But is his hesitance to speak out warranted? Here are a few reasons it could be.

Anything He Says Can And Will Be Used Against Him.

At this point, Wentz speaking to the media is a lose lose. If he continues to take the proverbial 5th amendment he’ll be looked at as a coward. Someone who can’t handle the bright lights that come with being a franchise quarterback in the NFL. And if he speaks every single word will be put under a microscope. Those who have already turned their backs on the embattled signal caller will use every misstep as ammunition against him. A bad situation will only go from bad to worse. There is no possible way he can say all the right things. So anything he does give up will used to full the case against him.

He Doesn’t Owe Anyone Anything.

After what he went thru in 2020, with his horrible play and multiple attempts at character assassination after Jalen Hurts supplanted him as starter. Why would Wentz feel he owes the media anything? He is not obligated to be the punching bag of insiders and talking heads alike. Wentz will more than likely speak when he’s good and ready. And he will not be rushed by a group of people who only want to tear him down any way.

He Can Wave His Right To Silence At Anytime.

Finally just because he’s not talking now doesn’t mean he won’t. When the time is right he will say his peace and that will be that. Perhaps it would lower everyone’s collective stress level if we realize there is no real preordained time table for airing one’s grievances. Have we become so used to athletes drawing attention to themselves. Or using the media to throw public tantrums, that a player that keeps to himself is a foreign concept? I remember the days when fans would have begged for an athlete to keep his head down and just do his job. Carson Wentz is doing just that and he has every right to.

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