NCAA Football Is Back In The Game

Back in July of 2013, gamers were grabbing a copy of NCAA Football 14. Denard “Shoelace” Robinson graced the cover. It would be the last rendition of the game thanks to legal issues of player likeness and usage. 

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The series was beloved and without new games, they have worked to keep rosters updated year to year and continue to play the game. Check out eBay right now, where used copies on the PS3 are selling for almost $200 a pop. That price is likely to plummet soon, as EA has finally announced a long-awaited reboot of the NCAA Football franchise. 

EA sent the sports/gaming world into a frenzy. Rebranded as EA Sports College Football, could everything we loved and enjoyed be coming back in time for next season? 

We have no idea. Despite the announcement, there is no follow up or commitment from EA as to a return date, or even an announce date. It is not happening this year is the only definite we got from EA Sports GM and vice president Daryl Holt. 

We don’t know a lot of what is happening or even the legalities but from ESPN we have a few details. 

EA Sports is working with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) — the licensing partner for many schools — on securing the use of the stadiums, uniforms, mascots, traditions and names for over 100 teams in the FBS. Holt said the game itself will be “a deep, immersive experience that has true wide-open game play for college football.” What that looks like is still to be determined and might depend on the continued technology on Next Gen gaming systems PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

As far as college players likeness and paying the players for appearing in the game, that’s an issue that is going all the way to Congress. EA might have a few hurdles to jump though. As more details emerge we’ll share them! We’re just going to bask in the glow that an old favorite is on its way back.

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