Barriers or Goals: For New Red Sox Coach, Neither.

The story of Bianca Smith has been going on longer than most know about. Recently hired by the Boston Red Sox as a minor league Coach to work with players at the AAA level on improving the hitting of the aspiring Pro Athletes. Ms. Smith has heard pretty much it all from are you a manager, while coaching at Carroll university when asked what she did, she told the man that she was a coach. The man said they were going to lose. These are fuel for Coach Smith.

It is curious to me that this still occurs. Why does Coach Smith have to put up with this? We are in the 21st century where all people are created equal. In my head, which is a dangerous place, I can hear people saying a woman should not be coaching baseball. I went to St. Joseph’s University in the early ’80s where the women’s Softball team would beat the men’s Baseball team everyday and twice on Sunday.

As I said my brain is a bad place because now it is saying a black woman, what are the Red Sox thinking? But again, why should we care. If this person is right for the position, why should it matter if you are white, black, brown or yellow. WHO CARES?

The point is, best person gets the job. I know that doesn’t always happen and people of color have had a very rough time of it. So I guess breaking barriers is still necessary. I wish they weren’t there. As we evolve as a world why do we have to have them? My applause to Bianka Smith as she continues her career and shatters more glass ceilings. Hopefully the rest will be easier.

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