Rumors Of A Doug Pederson Trade

In a move that would be as shocking, as it would be mind boggling. The Philadelphia Eagles, according to multiple sources are rumored to have interest in trading away much maligned head coach Doug Pederson. Pederson struggled on a weekly basis to put his team in position to win in 2020, resulting in a 4-11-1 record. Now if speculation is to believed, the once considered “safe” coach could be out the door.

Proposed Destination

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Apparently the top destination in a likely trade for Pederson is the New York Jets. The Jest parted ways with coach Adam Gase last week and are in dire need of a change on the sideline. While one could only assume what a trade package could entail, it’s likely an amalgam of picks and cash considerations will be a part of the deal.

Who Would Benefit?

New York would benefit the most and it’s not even close. A franchise that has been an embarrassment can only improve with a coach like Pederson matched up with quarterback Sam Darnold. Philadelphia however, would be in a world of trouble. Their quarterback situation is a dumpster fire, they have no defensive coordinator, and their GM couldn’t pick his nose let alone a productive player out of the draft. In short this is a big mistake and should not happen if you are the Eagles.

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