Bye Doug!!

Doug Pederson was fired today and unless you live under a rock, you knew that already. This shows that you can’t live off of a Super Bowl victory forever, especially if you can’t win more than games in any other season.

But Doug you brought this on yourself, especially this season at 4-11-1. You poorly created a quarterback controversy. More respect should have been shown to Carson. He had been playing on pins and needles all season and to take out Carson in the 3rd quarter was poor. Let him finish the game and have Hurts start the next game. It would have given Hurts a full week at practice with the first team WR, RB and the O line with their AARP members. It would have also meant that we in the media would have a full week to adjust, not fitting the move into the post game report.

.(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Now, Doug, that brings us to the last game. Ugh. Bringing in Sudfeld, whose idea was that? That was just wrong and hard to watch. A guy with just a little experience being put behind that line is like a death sentence. This is not meant to be derogatory to Sudfeld. It showed the lack of communication between the no. 1 QB and his backups. Obviously after watching that 4th quarter, we can tell there was not much grooming being done. As coach and a former QB, you should have been making sure this was happening.

Last thing, Doug. Who is responsible for the draft? If it is Howie, then we will get him, but even a newborn can tell the drafts in recent years have been terrible. You need to draft best at each position where the team is lacking. To refresh your memory, that would be oline, WR, all defense. No where in there does it say QB. If this is on Howie, that’s a different story but the HC should have the majority say in the draft.

In the End, we are saying good bye Doug, we will always have the Super Bowl. We wish you luck in your job search. Any where in the NFC would be great but the Jets could use a HC like yourself. Good Luck and Thank you. You are a part of our history forever.

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