My Two Cents Vol. 3

When I started this a few weeks ago, I sincerely thought the Hot Stovers would have picked up steam and the Phillies would have pulled the trigger on Realmuto and maybe another name or two, DiGregorius??. As it is they have picked up 2 relief pitchers whose combined ERA is divisible by 10. Still no catcher or shortstop. I sincerely believe that J.T. Will be in red pinstripes when camp starts in a few weeks. I am an optimist but Mr. Dombrowski let’s get this done.

Onto the 10-9-8-76ers. Nothing was standing in their way but themselves and that is what happened. Covid was brought into the locker room and brought the Sixers run to a screeching halt. This is another reason why the players need to be in a bubble when not playing. This could ruin the comeback of the league if it happens in other teams. The Sixers were down to 8 players for this game with no Joel or Ben. Let’s be more adults out there if you don’t want the babysitters. Owners and fans have a lot invested in you as pros. Owners financially, fans emotionally. By being foolish, you could be bankrupting both.

The Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie say that Doug Pederson’s job is not safe. Doug needs to bring his A+ game to his meeting with Lurie. Even that, in my esteemed football view, should not be enough. Doug should get walking papers with Howie and Carson. Clean slate and start over. Keep Hurts and be back in the playoffs in 2 years. Keep true Mr. Lurie, make the sweep, and right this ship.

The Flyguys start in 3 days. We will see real soon as the season starts this week. From all reports they are tied with the Sixers for tops in the city. They just need to stay healthy and bring the Cup back where it belongs.

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