Bird’s Nest Week 17 Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles season will officially end on Sunday. They were eliminated from playoff contention after a humiliating loss, at the hands of their bitter rivals the Dallas Cowboys last week. Only thing left for them to play for now is pride, getting to evaluate talent for the future, and deciding which one of their division rivals makes the playoffs.

What Needs To Be Fixed?

Although the outcome is irrelevant to Philadelphia, if they want to win the offense needs to improve. The play calling needs to be consistent for four quarters. You can’t hand off to Miles Sanders early and then abandon any semblance of a running game at a moments notice. Week after week has shown that when they do, it does not bode well for them.

What To Expect.

You can expect the Washington Football Team to be just as ferocious on defense as they were in the two teams first meeting in week 1. The Washington defense is going to throw everything they have at Philly’s pathetic excuse for an offensive line and make things extremely difficult for Jalen Hurts making it even more important that they establish a running attack.


There is no conceivable reason for the Eagles to win this game. It does nothing for them but hurt their draft position. They will likely put up a fight at first but falter in the end. A humiliating defeat is the only thing that seems fitting for this season of mediocracy and disappointment.

Final Score: Washington 23 Philadelphia 10

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