NBA Fines Daryl Morey for Deleted James Harden Tweet

Philadelphia: Early in the new front office of the Philadelphia 76ers, there has not been any drama or things that fans should be concerned about.

We know there are things in your past that can and at times hurt you 

On Monday the NBA would take action on Sixers President Daryl Morey about one of his tweets about James Harden

Statement from the NBA about the fine

The tweet that the NBA is talking about is Morey talking about a memory with James Harden

There have been multiple reports about the Sixers being involved in trade talks with the Houston Rockets for James Harden since Morey was the former GM of the Rockets from 2007-2020 and some of those trade rumors involved Ben Simmons.

Daryl Morey has been on the record about the trade rumors about sending Ben Simmons to Houston for James Harden

The Sixers are 2-1 on the season after their loss to Cleveland last night & will return to action on Tuesday when they battle Toronto at the Wells Fargo Center on December 29.

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