The Carson Wentz Criticism Has Gone Too Far

It’s one thing to criticize a player’s performance on the field, it’s quite another to allow every anonymous report to launch a full scale character assassination. The Birds signal caller, in the span of just 22 months has gone from would be franchise quarterback to immediate scapegoat, and now unnecessary pariah. What’s most egregious is how much of it isn’t warranted. So we here at Last Out Media saw fit to detail it and explain just how ludicrous some of it is.

The Final Nail

Ever since February of 2018, Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz has been fighting against media outlets and fans to prove the content of his character. Sunday took this battle to a new level. Just a few hours before the game in Arizona, NFL reporter leaked a report saying that Wentz was unhappy and would leave should he not start next season. What would follow would be countless amounts of tweets destroying Wentz for potentially showing human emotion.

Fast forward to Wednesday, Schefter appears on the Fanatic, stating he didn’t speak to anyone in Wentz’s camp and his report was based on common sense. But it was too little, too late. The narrative had been set. Local and national media chose character assassination over accurate and unbiased reporting. Philly’s desire to ruin a man that wants nothing but good things for the town is nothing new; but it needs to stop.

A Nonsense Narrative From The Beginning.

Wentz’ character has never been in question before. Since his first steps into Philadelphia, Wentz has always professed his love for the city and the fans. Focused on creating change in the town early, he started the AO1 foundation, dedicated to bettering lives in Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond. On the field, he has spent offseasons working with new and old teammates to create a bond before the long NFL season starts. Players have come out and stated how good of a teammate he is. So why do so many people want to paint Carson as a villain? It’s actually quite simple.

Talking Heads And Local Media Stirring The Pot

Philadelphia loves drama; no matter the cost. As if this horrendous season didn’t provide plenty of it. Logic and reasoning doesn’t get enough clicks. The hot take culture of sports media threw gallons of gas onto an already raging fire. Well, hot take: Carson Wentz is not a bad person. His work on and off the field speaks louder than any hate that can be spewed in his direction. Quite frankly, people are mad because he’s showing human emotion. A town that has asked for Wentz to stop his robotic repetition of “I gotta be better,” and show some chutzpah is now tarnishing him showing that emotion.

Of course Wentz is upset that he’s not playing; he’s a competitor. Did Philadelphia expect the $120 million dollar starter to be happy riding the bench, especially since his team has now decided that they want to actually win the division? This is not news. But nothing will come of this. The Ryan Clark‘s, Max Kellerman’s, Joe Giglio’s and Brian Westbrook‘s will not apologize for what was said. These people are much happier creating the kool-aid Philadelphia loves to drink. No matter what Carson Wentz will say after this, his name is mud. A guy hailed as Ginger Jesus fell harder from grace than Satan himself. The only difference: Wentz did nothing but play bad.

Don’t Hate The Player Hate His Game.

When all is said and done the point is this. Wentz’ erroneous play speaks for itself. So critique it all you want. He lead the league in turnovers and was an impediment to his teams success for most of the season. No one is denying that. But it keep it at that. The claims that he is soft or a bad teammate just don’t mesh with the facts. And are just a lazy way to kick a man when he’s down.

This piece is a collaborative effort with Ashlee M Woods if you’d like to read more from Ashlee click the link below

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  1. Very well done Rob it seems like espn has 5 guys left and they need something to talk about. Most meeting are zoom so only people Carson meets with are quarterbacks so amazing there’s all this info!

      1. Keep up the good work I’m from South Dakota married a Goedert. Dallas Aunt as a human you can’t find better people then Carson and Dallas.

  2. They are really nice guys, class acts all the way

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