My Two Cents

This is my thoughts on the state of our Sports teams. I only have 2 cents to spare so that is what you will get. It will also be my personal homage to two of the greatest Philadelphia sports writers, Frank Dolson and Bill Lyon. I grew up waiting for and reading at least twice their articles. I know I am nowhere near their level but I hope you enjoy.

The Eagles; Desparado or After the Thriill is Gone.

I think we can all agree that they are playing like the thrill is gone. They definitely need a spark. Is it Hurts? I don’t think we will ever know as the Eagles keep saying Wentz is in their future. Then this move today must be the move of a Desparado. That could be true as well. The Eagles, if they kept going on the same path they would not have any hope. If Hurts comes through then there is still a flicker if a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Sixers; bring in a Gunslinger but could still be walking the Green Mile.

Bringing in Daryl Morey as POBO immediately set the buzz as he is never afraid to pull the trigger if he feels it can benefit the team some way. The trouble with this is that it can strap your team if there is an injury. Then you are on the last mile looking for a quick deal which usually isn’t that good. Don’t get me wrong, on paper the Sixers are vastly improved. Let’s see what happens on the court. A chip would be nice.

Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers; want to shout We Are The Champions but are giving away the Millionaires Waltz.

Carter Hart could be the next Bernie. Last year’s stats show that. He is being called the steal of the 2016 draft, being taken in 4th round. The Flyers have formed a great lineup around him. On a sour note, the Flyers will be paying Bryzgalov a Bobby Bonilla contract. He will get $1.643 million for 14 years from the Flyers. It’s not alot for Pro sports but it is still coming out of the owners pocket.

The Phillies; If I should Fall Behind, we will shoot for the Glory Days.

The Phillies, like all pro teams, are crying poor from the pandemic. This is obviously true due to no fans. That is a ton of money lost. But if you want to win now or soon, you cannot fall behind the other teams. The Phillies have the best catcher in baseball that they need to resign as the pitching staff will be half new and the other half will need the handling of a top catcher. The Phils have also brought in a new POBO to get the ship righted. Dave Dombrowski is not afraid to make deals to win now. I think he will find the way to sign J.T. and get some long needed quality bullpen help. Most baseball strategists have the Phightins only a player or two off from last year, mostly in the bullpen where their games went to die.

In the end, it seems like it will be an exciting year in the Philly sports year. Hopefully the Birds can turn it around this year to keep it exciting.

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