W W W W U ?

Where Will Wentz Wind Up?

Where will Wentz wind up? That is the question that has fans, the media and IMO even the Eagles own front office wondering. This question and the clear multi-faceted fracture between Wentz, his head coach Doug Pederson as well as the front office puppeteer Howie Roseman is well documented and on display for the city to see.

Why Wentz isn’t leaving

Carson Wentz has an anvil of a contract that straps the team and himself for that matter when it comes to his freedom or a clean break from the birds. The reports as well as trade, vs cut, vs post June, vs pre June are any where between $60-$90 million in terms of a hit for the Eagles. As we have learned by Howie & his bad spending habits (I. E. Alshon) the Eagles would rather keep him instead of light that much cash on fire in a loss. As well as maybe in a post Doug era, he can get back to his 2017 form. But we can explore some legit landing places for our very own “Where’s Waldo” I mean “Where’s Wentz” in this article.

The Colts seem like the most likely & viable team for Wentz

The Indianapolis Colts

This is the “low hanging fruit” of the choices but has to be mentioned. Most of the Eagles fan base, as well as those who blame Doug Pederson for Wentz’s regression, all say it was Reich’s “magic dust” that he sprinkled on Carson in the 2017 season as well as the modifications to the offense for Nick Foles on the fly that won the super bowl. They may not be wrong but we will see how much Reich wants Wentz & the Anvil of a contract if the Colts fail to make or have an early playoff exit with an aging Phillip Rivers. Remember Frank wasnt Jim Ursay’s first choice of a HC, they wanted “Wonder boy” Josh McDaniels who left them at the altar after agreeing to a deal. So, Frank and Carson have that bond. The numbers also work for the deal with the Colts having about $67 Million in space going into 2021.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could be a landing spot

The Jacksonville Jaguars?

Yes, the team where Ex-Eagles go to spin their wheels (Nick Foles) The reason why the Jags make sense is plain and simple, the have a ton of cap space and may see Carson Wentz as a more talented option then Gardner Minshew at this point. The Jags will likely chose 2nd in the upcoming NFL draft and could take Justin Fields, who would make Carson nervous right out of the gate. But, if they take Penei Sewell (OT Oregon) they could hit the ground running with a QB & a cornerstone OL to start the 2021 campaign. Also with Wentz it could allow them to take a stud WR like DeVonta Smith (Bama) or Jamarr Chase (LSU) for that Offensive punch. Keep an eye on the Jaguars.

NY Jets AKA “Just End The Season”

The New York Jets

Why the Jets? Why not is the answer. Anyone who has watched a college Football game in the past 3 years know its a “No Brainer” for the Jets to take Trevor Lawrence with their #1 pick next year. Which means their QB Sam Darnold needs to “get to stepping” . Carson could very well end just up the turnpike as the “for now QB” especially if he doesnt land in Indy (Darnold could beat him to it) The Jets also have a ton of cap space ($79 million) and it allows Joe Douglas to be a new Howie of the north to think he can outsmart the NFL. And in closing for the jets, that could factor in greatly is as the saying goes “Familiarity breeds contempt” the birds office has a friend in Joe Douglas running the show in NY. The Jets are synonymous with bad decisions, so it could work.

Even “Pat the Patriot” looks like a smug Bellicheck couisin

The New England Patriots

The Pats have a fair amount of cap space next year (approx $62 million) with the “Cam experience” seemingly falling flat with his declining ability. This could be a trading partner for the birds. How happy would it make the leader of the NFL’s evil empire, Bill Bellicheck to take Carson, groom him like the emperor did in Star Wars and unleash his revenge on the league and the team that beat him in his last Super Bowl appearance? This could also show the world and Bellicheck’s ego that it was him and not Tom Brady that was the reason for success in New England.

Bellicheck to Wentz in the QB room. “let your hate for the Eagles flow through you”

In closing, the most “2020 thing” that could & possibly will happen to the Eagles and their fan base is this…. Doug is released or fired then goes on to be the HC in Houston, gets to coach a lion hearted Deshaun Watson with great success. Carson moves on to be traded to one of the teams listed (prob colts) and has great success or a SB with Frank Reich and the Eagles fan base is left with the consolation prize of more years with Howie at the wheel. This will make us who remember actually miss the the Kotite years.

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  1. I think Patriots might be the spot John. That’s my guest, Cam did not work and the cap space allows it. I highly doubt he would be interested in the Jets or Jags.

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