Holy War Pushed Back 2 Days.

This year will mark the 65th battle in the Holy War of Philadelphia Basketball between the Hawks of St. Joseph’s and the Wildcats of Villanova. As of late, the war has been trending towards the Wildcats, a couple of National Championships will do that for you. The Hawks are rebuilding and after this past weekend have proven to be competitive. All of this is great but Villanova is still a national power in the top 10. Jay Wright is an outstanding coach at Villanova. He is a Philly guy who loves the game. He also had current Hawks coach Billy Lange as an assistant at Nova.

As far as this year’s Holy War, it should be more competitive than recent games. Coach Lange is preparing for an upset. Starting off at 0-2 is tough but what when they are against Auburn and 6th ranked Kansas and the Hawks stayed competitive in both games, it isn’t too hard to deal with. Could the Hawks pull off the upset in the Holy War? Will the Cats come out to roll the Hawks. If all holds true, the Holy War will be a battle for city-wide bragging rights for the next year.

The game is Wednesday 12/2/20 at 2pm on FS1. Enjoy!!

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