What it takes to win: 76ers introduce three new players

The 76ers have been making moves, and today the team introduced three recent acquisitions to the team, Dwight Howard, Seth Curry, and Tony Bradley. Through zoom, media members were able to talk to the players and get some insight into what they were going to bring to the team this year.

There was a common theme among all three players, and that was playing with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Seth talked about his excitement to play with Ben and Joel, saying that both players can score in the paint and are willing passers, so this will create a lot of room on the perimeter. Seth said he was the perfect compliment for Ben, that he is here to make shots and create space. However, Curry was also pointed out that he has improved his ability to create in more ways than just a spot-up shooting. Curry mentioned he played point guard in college and a little in the league. When asked about maybe replicating Joel Embiid and JJ Reddick’s two-man action, but says he can score differently than JJ, like being able to put the ball in on the ground and get a bucket.

” I have a job to do, and so does he, and that job is to win. We will have plenty of time off the court to be family”

Seth Curry when asked what it would be like playing for his father in law Doc Rivers

Tony Bradley was played behind Rudy Gobert in Utah, and when asked about what it was like, Tony talked about learning. Bradley said he loves to learn and will continue to grow and improve and can’t wait to see what he can learn from Joel and Dwight. As far as his own personal on-court advancements, Tony said he has been working on being able to stretch the court, working on his three-point and mid-range shot, and feels his better days are ahead of him.

When Dwight Howard took his zoom call, outside of the common theme about playing with Ben and Joel, there was another main theme, what it takes to win. Dwight made it clear “winning the championship was everything”. Multiple times during his interview Howard mentioned sacrifice, focus, and unity. He made it clear that if a team is going to win they need to focus and be on the same page as the Lakers were the last season, and that he and Danny Green witnessed that and can help this team when it comes to focusing and unity.

“I don’t see anyone beating us in a 7 game series”

Dwight Howard on the 76ers

Dwight said, and has been saying it for years that Ben Simmons is a young Lebron, and watching him over the years, Howard said he thinks he could be one of the greatest to ever play the game. He continued to say that he wants to help the young guys like Joel and Ben and make sure they understand not to take things for granted and to stay on the path to winning. Dwight acknowledged that his ego and injuries held him back in his past, and wants to bring some veteran leadership to the team, help guys put their egos aside and take care of their bodies and get a championship for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Also, Dwight wads eating baked chicken, sweet potato pie, and corn during his call.

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