Spring League Cancels all Week Four Games

The Spring League announced on Tuesday, November 17th that it would be canceling all of its Week Four regular season games due to COVID-19. Week four games that were scheduled to take place included the Blues vs Alphas and the Aviators vs Generals. The official statement can be found below:

(Credit: @TheSpringLeague on Twitter)

A controversial YoutTube video surfaced on Tuesday afternoon detailed what The Spring League bubble was like in San Antonio. Posted by user Gwallogy, Jousters Wide Receiver Erv Philips went in depth on some of the alleged COVID-19 Protocols and overall disappointment that surrounded some of The Spring League players. As of today, no official statement has been made by The Spring League in response to the video. You can watch the video below:

As of this writing, it is uncertain if The Spring League Championship Game will take place on December 2nd at the Alamodome.

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