Incredible Baseball Stats

Whether it was having binders of baseball cards or watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN as a kid, baseball stats have always fascinated me. I always wanted to know who was leading the league in home runs, RBI’s, batting average, etc. They were and still are a big part of my love for baseball.

If you’ve been following my Instagram for some time now (@rojas_media), you might see a #StatoftheDay post every so often. Most of the posts are staggering baseball statistics of a player or team that come from a book called Incredible Baseball Stats: The Coolest, Strangest Stats and Facts in Baseball History. Immediately, I fell in love with the book. There are some of the most wild and unique stats in the book for every single team in Major League Baseball. It’s a bible of baseball statistics.

The book is written by two men from the Philadelphia area, Kevin Reavy and Ryan Spaeder. Ryan Spaeder is a Marine Corps Veteran & baseball statistician who many people know for his Twitter account (@theaceofspaeder) where you can find him tweeting mind-blowing baseball stats almost every day. Kevin Reavy is the author of not only the Incredible Baseball Stats, but also “This Day in Philly Sports”. And he’s currently an NFL feature writer for Ryan’s website

I had a chance to talk to Kevin Reavy about The Incredible Baseball Stats book. Other topics included his “Defense doesn’t matter theory” in baseball, J.T. Realmuto’s contract situation, and the Philadelphia Eagles match-up against the New York Giants.

Reavy on his defense doesn’t matter theory in baseball: “For a sport where fans, especially the stat geeks claim to be all about stats, and rationalizing value in that respect. It drives me crazy that Hall of Famers are decided by position. In my mind, (defense) just doesn’t matter all that much.” . Kevin was very adamant about this theory, “Why couldn’t Mark Grace have played second base? There’s no reason why Mark Grace couldn’t have played second base…I believe he would’ve been a Hall of Famer if he would’ve played second base, but what’s the difference?” You can hear more of it on my podcast in the link below:

Photo credits: Keviny Reavy (@76pack) via Twitter

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