Why Brett Favre Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut.

By far the biggest story surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles this week, are the comments made by Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. Favre was asked about current Eagles signal caller Carson Wentz and was clear in his opinion that Philadelphia should have went with Nick Foles following Super Bowl XLII. It wasn’t really necessary and actually made a bad situation worse. He should have kept his mouth shut and here’s why.

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It Does More Harm Than Good.

What good does it do for Wentz to get shots fired at him from a man he idolized. Number 11 is already struggling, and feeling the pressure of being “the guy” for the franchise that gave him a big payday. He doesn’t need outside distractions, especially from the guy he based his gunslinger style of play on. If you wanted to damaged his confidence even more than it already might be, his hero throwing him under the bus on national TV is as good a way as any.

The Optics Are Horrible

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If a coach and a quarterback aren’t on the same page, how bad does it then make the coach look when one of his closest confidants takes shots at said quarterback in the media? The answer is horrible. All Favre’s comments did, was exacerbate the rumored riff between Doug Pederson and Wentz. Anyone who knows anything about football knows the relationship between former teammates Favre and Pederson. Any negative remark from the former Packers starter is going to be assumed to have a direct link to his former back up. And just looks messy and underhanded

He Just Plain Wrong

Finally Favre is just plain wrong in his assertion the Eagles should have gone with Foles. Nick Foles has had success in Philadelphia, there is no denying that. He’s also stunk everywhere else. As for all the talk of Wentz’ injury history. It should be noted that Nicky 6 has never played a full 16 games in his entire career. Not to mention Carson Wentz is just better. Wentz has more career yards and touchdown passes than Foles in less games, as of the day I’m writing this. It’s a nice debate to have sure, Wentz or Foles, but the answer is clear it’s Wentz by a mile.

It’s pretty obvious for these reason and more that Brett should have left the Wentz stuff alone and kept his mouth shut. Because now his foot is in it.

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