Could the Sixers bring back their Black Jerseys???

Philadelphia: Over the last couple of years, you have seen teams making changes to their uniforms and even doing a series of “Throwback” jerseys.

The Philadelphia Sixers have done a couple of throwback and classic uniforms, there have been those fans wondering would the Sixers ever return to the Black Jerseys that Allen Iverson wore when the Sixers made their run to the 2001 NBA Finals ???

Sixers Ben Simmons have been vocal the last couple of years about the Sixers going back to their throwback jerseys

Sixers President Chris Heck made a deal with Ben Simmons in 2017 that he could make the design of the new Sixers Jerseys

Chris Heck would tweet out Sunday that a Deal is a Deal and Ben Simmons has lived up to his end of the deal

Sixers Ben Simmons would respond on Sunday about the deal he made with Chris Heck

The 2020-21 season would make the 20th anniversary of the Philadelphia 76ers making the 2001 NBA Finals and wearing those black jerseys so it would make a lot of sense for them to make this happen

We shall see in the next couple of months if the Sixers were to bring back the Black Jerseys 

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