LaRussa or Hinch? WhiteSox Hire….

Unless you have been in a bubble for the last 48 hours you know the answer is LaRussa. But why, why take the 76 yr old 3 time World Series champ who hasn’t managed in 20 years versus the 46 year old World Series winner who hasn’t managed in 2 years. There are multiple reasons pro and con on both sides but it all boils down to loyalties. The White Sox had interviewed Hinch and were about to do the deal when White Sox Owner, Jerry Reimsdorf, received a call from long time friend, LaRussa. Cue, John Fogarty, Put me in coach, was the intent of the call. But why??? Did LaRussa not want his old friend, the team he broke into coaching with, and the city of Chicago not associated with the tainted name of AJ Hinch and his trash can symphony? Could it also be an older coach, who saw a young, extremely talented team, wanting another chance for a ring? Or lastly, could it be an older coach, who saw his friend’s young team give him a chance to move into 2nd place in all time wins as a manager. LaRussa is 35 wins behind John McGraw.

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My breakdown is as follows; 10% that LaRussa was trying to save, Reimsdorf, the White Sox, or the city from hiring the tainted Hinch. LaRussa was an outstanding manager, but at 76 would be really want to come back for that reason? A phone call with a long talk with long time friend Reimsdorf probably would have accomplished the same thing. Proof that the Sox were going to sign Hinch are in the Press Release announcement for LaRussa showing Hinch’s signature on a contract.

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30% – Guiding the young team to a World Series. This is very plausible. But is it the only reason? For people who think this could be the ONLY reason, I say call Hong Kong Phooey. LaRussa is far too intelligent and knows exactly where he stands on the wins list. I am sure he yearns for another ring but he would get the wins if he gets the ring.

60% getting 36 wins to pass John McGraw. This of my 3 options is the most plausible. If he doesn’t make or go deep in the playoffs, he probably will get fired but with this team there is very little doubt that he will win 36 games.

There are probably more reasons behind this hire, cronyism, LaRussa gets a chaonce to share his new, woke attitude, other than his age, he is one of most qualified out there. You choose but it still comes back to 36 wins.

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