Lewy Body – Leveling Off??

We in the Lewy Body Community speak of roller coasters, slides, leveling, climbing, (not so much for me) and other terms for how the symptoms of Lewy control how we live our lives. I posted last week about how regular checks and tests can throw a monkey wrench into the entire system, for me at least. I was just getting over a one night vacation with chest pain, turns out it was medication side effects, when I had to get my 5 yr. colonoscopy, this past Monday. Anyone who has had that wonderful test knows it is a 2 day event. Mine turned into 4 days. This is a minor example.

When I say leveling off, I don’t mean getting back to where I was before but just to a point where I am not losing more ground. I know I am not the same as I was, there is more, new pain, I shuffle my feet when I walk, my head and shoulders slouch, memory issues are slightly worse. Oh and I still can’t walk and chew gum, bummer. I still have a decent sense of humor and spellchecker is my best friend.

Levelling off is a time when we Lewies show that we feel less scared and more normal to the outside world, but on the inside, at least for me, we are scared to death. Not because things are a little harder but because of the realization that the end of the ride might be getting closer. As much as we hate the ride, we really don’t want it to end to soon.

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As always thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and it helped.

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