Lewy Body – Procedurally Speaking

The title of this post may be misleading to some. I recently had some tests done and also spent a night in the hospital. The hospital stay was for chest pain on my left side so there were guide a few tests only to find out that Effexor can cause chest pain. I am hoping that is all as I hate hospital stays. After the hospital stay my procedures at home went askew. My whole life at home became different. For a few days I didn’t think that I was at home. I got very confused by every little thing. I hated myself. I really despised Lewy. I don’t know how my family stayed with me. I definitely was not myself or even my Lewy self. I seemed to be getting better just in time for yesterday’s colonoscopy. It was the first time that I had to go into the surgery center by myself. This was a great confuser for me. It was the first time that I ever went into this place alone but Covid said. NO. I was quiet which is not normal for me, I am Irish. I didn’t know where I was or who was with me.

After a colonoscopy you normally feel better and almost normal. Today, more than 24 hour later, I still feel lousy. I have had a few colonoscopies and never felt this way after the procedure. It is hard to walk and I am totally exhausted. The doctor did find some things that needed to be biopsied, that may have needed added to my distress. But it seems my motor skills are not as good and my memory of things that I could always remember are diminished. I had started feeling better about the hospital stay and things were coming back, I pray this will be the case with the colonoscopy.

As far as Lewy procedures go, there is really only one, No 2 days are the same. I also feel and this is probably just me, I don’t think that I have ever gotten back to my non Lewy self. I think that is my reality, please do not impose this on yourself as no two of us are the same. Keep living as full a life as you can. And if you couldn’t today, try again tomorrow. Sorry it is so short today but just wanted to share this with everyone.

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