76ers Draft Profile: Saddiq Bey

The 2020 NBA Draft is approaching rapidly. With less than a month left, the 76ers have had many different players mocked to go to them with their 21st pick. You may be looking at the roster now and think that they should shoot for a guard. Well, if the 76ers decide to make some offseason moves and trade for said guard, they could be looking for a forward to either replace Al Horford or add more depth in the forward position. One forward that the 76ers could be looking at is Saddiq Bey.

Saddiq Bey is a 6’8″, 216 lbs forward coming off of a terrific sophomore season at Villanova. He averaged 16.1 PPG, 4.7 RPG, and 2.4 APG while also shooting 45% from the three-point line. The thing that might jump out at you is his three-point percentage as the Sixers lack heavily in this department. Maybe Bey could be one of the answers to this problem.

Saddiq Bey Efficiency Chart from the Field. Credit: SLC Dunk


One of Bey’s biggest strengths is his three-point shooting. Shooting 45% from the three-point line is not something teams are going to glance over. The majority of the time, you can see Bey leaning towards spot up shots. He attempted 112 spot up shots from the field and made 48.2% of those shots. It is clear that he has an NBA-ready jump shot that won’t take a lot of time to fully develop

Saddiq Bey can be seen as one of those unselfish big men that is willing to give the ball up for the better play. He is known to have great offensive rebounding skills and putbacks, but if they play isn’t right for him to score, then he’s willing to pass it to someone else.

Probably the best thing in Saddiq Bey’s skillset is his defense. In a modern NBA game, switchability is necessary for a player to be a good defender. Ben Simmons is a great example of this because if he needs to switch off of his man onto someone else, he can defend them the same. Saddiq has shown that he is very versatile on the defensive end, being able to defend guards and bigs.


Free throw shooting is a skill that needs to be mastered if you are going to play in the NBA. You are going to get fouled and when you do you need to be able to make your opponent regret fouling you. Saddiq Bey has shown to struggle at times when it comes to free throws. He shot 76.9% from the line last season. It isn’t that big of a problem when you look at other guys who are stars in the league, that struggle with free throw shooting. This problem could be a really easy fix for Bey and it could develop better as he plays in the league.

Saddiq Bey’s inconsistency at the free throw line might push some teams away. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

At times, Saddiq Bey can be seen to have trouble creating space for himself. He is an unselfish guy and can make the right play for others, but he struggles creating his own shot. A lot of times, he tries to work his way into the paint with a post up. This has caused problems for Bey as he sometimes has trouble making something happen. This leads into his isolation play. In the last season he had 51 isolation possessions, making only 32.5% of the shots while running these plays. As someone who struggles with shot-creating, the 76ers might turn away from Saddiq as they are seen to be looking for someone who can do this for them.


My NBA draft comparison for Saddiq Bey is Robert Covington. Bey seems to be similar to RoCo in the way that they play defense and you could argue either way for who has the better three-point shooting. The 76ers could benefit from his play style, especially Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons because he will help space the floor more for them. He also plays very well in the Pick and Roll situation, being the PnR ball handler 43.1% of the time. Embiid could benefit from this as the PnR is a play that Joel prospers in.

I believe that it could be very unlikely that the 76ers end up taking Saddiq. Bey is projected to go to around the 15th pick, which is earlier than the 76ers’ 21st pick. If they really wanted to go all in for him, they could possibly trade up to around this area to try to get Bey. However, it is unlikely that the 76ers will do this because there are obviously going to be changes in the roster and if certain trades get in the way, Saddiq Bey might not be the guy they are looking for. If the 76ers don’t trade for a three-point shooter and want to draft one, make sure you keep an eye on where Saddiq is projected to go.

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