After 14 years of giving us the pregame hype for the Philllies and trying to walk us off the ledge the last few years, Jim Jackson is being let go by the Phillies as a “luxury the team can no longer afford”. I am at an impasse as I really have no words and am hunting through my brain to just try to get a handle on this. I am sure that everyone who works in professional sports, outside of the players, is walking on eggshells. Anyone with any common sense can tell that the owners are taking a hit, without fans, concessions, and parking fees. But for years they have lined their pockets. Some of these ” luxury ” jobs are filled with people living paycheck to paycheck, not vacation to vacation. Luckily Jim Jackson is still the play by play for the Flyers. I may be hard on the owners but in this case, I feel it is the right thing to do. Let the people leave like it is a seasonal job and a ” hopefully we will see you next year and a small bonus.” But no, let’s tell them they are a luxury and their job wasn’t really taken seriously for 14 years.

Mr Middleton, this was handled terribly but I guess when the team has the best catcher the league has seen in a generation and the administration is letting him go to arbitration, all the lower front office folks as well as anyone on the field should keep looking over their shoulder. They may receive a letter like this.

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