As children growing up, most of us had dreams about our jobs/ careers when we would grow up. Mine was to be a Big 5 coach in Philadelphia, men’s or women’s. My dream was not fulfilled but I did have the great oppurtunity to coach several High School teams along my path. One stop was a 3 year stint at Wildwood High School from 1987-88 to 1990-91 school years. I was the 2nd assistant under Head Coach Joe Bimbo (yes that is his name). The Number 1 assistant was Andy Ridgway. Wildwood High School is the public high school for the 7 mile long Island of Wildwood. The student count is in the 200 range but the basketball teams were very competitive.

During that first year, led by Brendan Connor, a William and Mary signee, we made the State Tournament but did not go far. Our team started 1 senior, 1 junior and 3 sophomores by the end of the year. One of those sophomores was Frank Vogel, yes that guy seen recently holding the NBA Championship trophy. Frank was a great kid and like a sponge, soaked up all info he could find, from anyone. When I arrived at WHS, the players didn’t adapt to me right away. Coach Bimbo kept telling them that I have more basketball knowledge in my little finger than all of them put together. I am embarrassed to say that was true at the time. Our 90-91 team was very athletic and had some great shooters but with the exception of a few, were lacking in basketball knowledge.

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