Where Will Brett Go?

As most people know in the basketball community, Brett Brown was fired after seven seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. Along with his firing from the Sixers, came the news that he would be stepping down as the head coach of the Australian men’s Olympic basketball team. While most fans, especially Sixers fans, aren’t really worried about where Brett will end up after his stint with the Sixers, it is intriguing to look at what could be in the future for him.

Could Brett Brown find another head coaching job in the NBA?

In the 2013-14 season, the Sixers started what fans call “The Process”. This process all started when at the time general manager, Sam Hinkie, hired Brett Brown as their new head coach. Up until this point Brett had never been the head coach of an NBA team. He was the assistant coach on the San Antonio Spurs under the great Gregg Popovich. The head coaching inexperience worried some Sixers fans, but the majority, were hopeful. Brett would, after a couple of tanking years, assist in getting the Sixers out of The Process. They would go from a 28-54 record in the 2016-17 season to 52-30 just a year later.

Helping the Sixers get out of The Process years showed that Brett Brown was capable of being a head coach in the NBA. However, in the years leading up to his firing, Brett and the Sixers had plethora of problems. Constant injuries and continuous playoff struggles would prove too much for Coach Brown to handle. The final nail in the coffin would be the first round sweep by the Boston Celtics to take the Sixers out of the playoffs quickly.

So, what now for Mr. Brown? Well, there are many NBA teams that could possibly want to have a look at the former Sixers coach.

With the absence of a head coach on some teams, Brett could be a possible candidate for a few.

It is clear that something that Brett Brown struggles with is leading teams into the playoffs and making big things happen. So, maybe a team who is not fully there yet can give Brett the chance to get them there. Teams that are in a sort of rebuilding phase might want to look at the former coach and consider him as a strong candidate. He has shown he can bring teams out of slumps that they are having, such as he did with the Sixers.

Another path that Brett Brown might want to look down is a possible assistant coaching job. Currently, only five teams remain without a head coach for the 2020-21 season. These teams are the Thunder, the Pelicans, the Rockets, the Clippers, and the Pacers. You might notice that none of these teams really fit Brett Brown’s style of coaching. So, if Brett wants to find a coaching job in the NBA soon, there is a high probability of that job not being a head coaching job.

Brett Brown was the assistant coach on the Spurs under Gregg Popovich. Pop is one of the most legendary coaches of all time, so when you look at Brown’s resume from when he was assistant coach on the Spurs, Popovich can be given a lot of the credit. So, it is not that great of an example to look at for Brett to go back and see what happened on the Spurs. Although, he has shown he is able to mold to a head coach’s coaching style to fit as the assistant coach.

Brett Brown could go back to being an assistant coach of an NBA team.

Although there are many possibilities for Brown to get a new job on a team, there is also the chance that no team wants to hire him for a head or assistant coaching job. After he was fired by the Sixers, quotes from behind closed doors started to be thrown around. Brent was quoted as yelling, “Why the f— isn’t [Ben] shooting? We’re all going to get fired because Joel’s out of shape!” There was a rumor that this was why Ben wasn’t shooting three-pointers during games. Quotes like this could also explain the departure of Jimmy Butler. Jimmy didn’t return because he felt like there was no leadership in the locker room and that Brett was trying to “control” him to the point where he couldn’t be himself.

There is also the chance that Brett purposely doesn’t get a coaching job right away. Brett has talked about how he in enjoying spending time with his daughter since being fired. His daughter, who is 24, works at the GET Cafe in Narberth. While she has a developmental disability, this hasn’t stopped her from doing her job well and it is seen that Brown is as proud as he can be seeing his daughter prosper.

So, realistically, who knows what is next for Brett Brown? He could end up with a head coaching job or an assistant coaching job right away. He could also take time away from the game of basketball and spend time with his daughter and family and take time to be the best dad he can be. Either way there is going to be a bright future for the former Sixers coach.

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  1. I think the best thing for Brett is an assistant coaching job. Get out of the spotlight for a bit, less pressure and if he’s assistant to a season veteran coach he might be able to fix some of his flaws and learn to adjust on the fly or motivate his team better.

    Loved this piece btw! Great work!

    1. Yeah I have to agree with that one. I think if any GM were to hire him to a head coach job they would receive a lot of criticism. So just stay behind a head coach he can learn from.

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