Written by Robert Manoff and Jason Timperley

The NBA draft is about one month away, November 18th, and the 76ers will be picking at spot 21 unless they decided to trade the pick. In my opinion, the 76ers would be better off keeping the pick and using future firsts for trades, and the team would benefit from a player who can come in and contribute now. And one player that can, is Senior out of TCU Desmond Bane.

Jan 21, 2020; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; TCU Horned Frogs guard Desmond Bane (1) reacts during the second half against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bane is coming off a big senior year where he averaged 16.5 points per game while shooting 44.2% on 6.5 threes per game. For his college career, he averaged 12.6 points per game while shooting 43.3% on 4.0 threes per game. The 6’5″ 215-pound shooting guard is also a very good defender both on and off-ball. Bane could be exactly what the team needs, as he can also shoot off the dribble.

Bane is projected to go mid to late first round.


Desmond Bane Shot Chart per NBA.com

As you can see Bane is best around the arc. Not only is he a good catch and shoot guy, but Bane ranked in the 92nd percentile in dribble pull-ups his senior year, something the 76ers desperately could use, and also has the ability to attack closeouts well even though he isn’t a superior athlete. Along with shooting his assist per game went up each year, to almost 4 per his senior year showing he has some playmaking ability. Whilst he likely won’t be tasked as the primary initiator in the NBA, he flashed some good playmaking ranking in the 84th percentile in Pick and Roll (including passes) and even showed an ability to create his own shot, scoring 1.259 points per possession on 27 isolation possessions. This will obviously get more difficult in the NBA but the Sixers desperately need players who can get up a decent shot in late shot-clock situations. As for areas of improvement, he was below average (33rd percentile) finishing at the rim and he rarely gets to the free-throw line, a trait shared by many non-Embiid Sixers this season. Despite having a limited wingspan (reported at 6’4”), Bane has some solid size and a strong body that should allow him to hold his own defensively.

Let’s Look at Some Video

This is really just for fun some highlights of what Bane can do in case you didn’t watch a lot of TCU games over the past four years. Pay attention to Jackson Frank’s and Spencer Pearlman’s tweets they explain his passing ability and defensive ability, two areas outside of shooting that Bane cam really help the team.



Now for some defense


Bane and his agent have said that the 76ers have shown the most interest in him, and that makes sense, he fills a big need for this team, shooting. Also, I think it’s clear that the team values three and four-year players in the draft, and so far it has worked out for them. If Bane is the pick at 21, sign me up. The team has a need for shooting, and this kid brings it, and at a high volume. Imagine a team of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, maybe Buddy Heild and Desmond Bane, that’s two 40% three-point shooters at like six or seven threes a game. Talk about surrounding them with shooters.

Bane might not have the most explosive first step, or might not be the best creator, but he should thrive on a court with Ben Simmons. If you ever listen to Furkan Korkmaz talk after a game, he will always mention how much easier the game is Ben Simmons playing. Desmond is in college pulling up from NBA territory with a hand in his face, imagine how well he can shoot off the catch with Ben driving to the basket.

Bane will have a long career as at least a role player in the NBA, and if that career starts with the 76ers selected him at 21 this year, that’ll be fine by me.

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