Weekend Wine 🍷Review

A little bit of background about your writer. When I’m not protecting and serving the community or yapping about football, I consider myself a poor man’s Sommelier. Only in that I’ve never been “classically trained” on each and every grape or exact acidity levels etc.. I know what I like and try to describe it in a way that is knowledgeable and hopefully fun for you all. I am 20 yr veteran of the Philly PD. Born and raised in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia (specifically Tacony) where Hills, soil and wine growing temperature is a near impossibility. Your writer’s palette has grown from drinking “Boones Farm wine” to being able to sniff out some affordable, well-balanced, wide ranges of wines for you to enjoy. I try to translate the desciptions to what the average wine consumer (like me) can understand. You won’t read “Essence of bark” or a “wine is in a state of anosmia” if I do, I’ll also just tell you if it sticks to your tongue and has a smell that immediately goes away. I also make my reviews based on what friends & family give back in regular conversational terms. My brother-in-law Ray Nick does many “ride alongs” and helps with ideas and drinking them of course. Enjoy this weeks Pinot Noir trilogy

2015 Helioterra “Vintner’s Select” Pinot Noir Williamette Valley Oregon

If “Smokey Plum” was a flavor of water ice (in Philly its “Wooder Ice”) this would be like a hearty plum that hits you surprisingly! It reminds me of a warm summer day when the “huckster” would roll thru the neighborhood. This has the amazing combination of biting into a great plum that has somehow been left in a classy cigar room. That’s what this wine does for you!!! With a distinct nose this wine has a fruit follow thru that goes back to that juicey bite into a Plum. This pinot noir stands up to the strong reputation that the Williamette Valley has justifiable earned with smoothness and range that you can drink alone or pair with a ton of meals. After it opens up it has hints of pepper that gives it the spice it needs to give it some bite! The folks at https://www.helioterrawines.com/ should be proud it is Well done!!!

2014 Clark Cooper concepts “Brasserie19” Pinot Noir Oregon

When fancy pundits say a wine “has a barnyard feel, a leathery approach, boysenberry etc..”this wine actually has all of those odd descriptors but in a working man’s delivery. This wine has a strong leathery smell like the expensive purse your significant other just bought that you know you guys can’t afford, that hits you as soon as it’s uncorked! It gets stronger while it’s open. “Brasserie” is a French term for “informal dining w/a large selection drinks”. Well this can be enjoyed informally sitting in shorts while eating a pizza 🍕 or in a suit or tuxedo eating a perfectly cooked steak 🥩.This wine is ranging & has what you want from an Oregon Pinot that lends 2 its French name. You can’t beat the price point, and as it ages, the price on this wine will too. Get it now while us regular folks can afford it. To the makers I say Merci Beaucoup! Get it here or at our local wine and spirits https://www.eveninglandvineyards.com/

2016 Project M wines “Personify” Pinot Noir Williamette Valley Oregon

If Project M was a counterintelligence Agency, “Personify” would be it’s “007”. This wine is the chameleon of Pinot noirs in a fantastic way. One sip is elegant fruit, next sip is a smack of pepper & later u get a Graham cracker scent in the bouquet. It’s incredibly consistent with a silky earthy Williamette Valley follow thru.This is arguably one of the best wines you will find for a fancy dinner as well as just enjoying a nice glass to decompress from a long day. Kudos to Project M for both 2016 & 2017 vintages. I imagine pitting a 2016 & 2017 vintages would play out like an episode of ” Spy vs Spy”, seeing who can outlast the other. Some Wineries may look to “take out” Personify, but I have a feeling They’ll just miss. Find it here or at the local wine and spirits https://www.wine.com/product/project-m-personify-pinot-noir-2017/586109

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