The End Of The Philly Sports Renaissance

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If you grew up in Philadelphi then you know success in sports is hard to come by. After a boom period in the late 70’s and early 80’s, that saw Philly capture a pair of Stanley Cups, a World Series, a NBA championship, and a Super Bowl appearance. Then an unprecedented drought came over the city and the four major sports teams failed to win a title for the next 25 years. Then things changed. But not for as long as we hoped.

A Resurgence

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The championship drought was finally broken in 2008, when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Broad Street would see a total of four parades is less than ten years after that. including two National Titles from the Villanova Wildcats and a Super Bowl from the Eagles. At the same time the Sixers emerged as a winning franchise with aspirations of competing for a title. Then the bottom fell out. And the Renaissance was over

The Fall From Grace

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Since that glorious February night in 2018 Philadelphia sports has been a disappointment of epic proportions. The Eagles have failed to get past the first round of the post season. And in 2020 have regressed to the point it’s almost unwatchable.


The Phillies can’t seem to make the post season at all, thanks to the ineptitude of their front office. And the Flyers and Sixers have made a living out of boosting expectations and falling flat on their face. The hope we all once had has been choked out of us by mind numbing incompetence. So where do we go from here

The Future

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Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary the future of Philadelphia sports can be salvaged. The Sixers are in the “process” of hiring a new coach and the Flyers have overwhelming potential. The Phillies have talent they just need a few extra pieces and a new face behind the wheel. If we play our cards right the city of brotherly love could be title town again. So here’s hoping.

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