SomeThing is rotten in the state of Nova care

The scene

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is a qoute from Hamlet. In Act 1, scene 4: Marcellus (an officer) says the famous line after having just seen the ghost of Hamlet’s father, the late King of Denmark walking thru town. It means in short, something is wrong or amiss in an unsatisfactory way, it’s just not right. If the last few months and especially weeks have shown me, there is definitely “Something is rotten in the state of Nova care center”.

The clues

At the end of the 2019 season when Doug Pederson was asked about his coaching staff, he gave endorsements at least to the offensive coaches side. Within days, two of his coaches who he endorsed were let go, seemingly without his knowledge. These moves made me think there was starting to be trouble in paradise with Doug and Howie or Doug and Carson. Either way, it also looked like smoke was forming.

Carson’s petulance

The firing of the coaches as well as the stories from Josina Anderson and Joe Santoliquito (above) that Carson eluded to Carson having played favorites, wasn’t a great teamate, was accused of being selfish and acted like he was above accountability. These things made Carson’s “Sweet farm boy” persona seems to be showing some cracks.

2020 Draft

While Jalen Reagor as a 1st round pick will play itself out in his career, there was no question the team needed a wr. Jalen Reagor has speed, hands and an extra gear to his explosiveness that made him appealing. Add to that his father was employed by the eagles, it could have been seen as a “homer” pick or a safe pick because they knew the character of the young man. Either way, it wasn’t a shock at least not the shock that came in the 2nd round. Jalen Hurts, as we all know now is who the eagle’s 53rd overall pick, but it it on the heir apparent to Carson, who just inked his deal? This is where the internal stress at Nova care really seems to be made public. Anyone who knows anything about football, knows the Eagles were in desperate need of an OT – Ezra Cleveland , S-Jeremy Chin or LB-Josh Uche or Willie Gay (all available and picked soon after Hurts) but they chose the position that they had just locked up long term. So the first question is, didn’t Doug and Howie have equal input in deciding the roster especially the draft? And was the Hurts pick Doug’s life preserver if Carson failed or Howie’s to move on from Doug and Carson? Time will tell, but that made a “spark” at the Nova Care Center.

Starting a very bad 0-2

Look, losing to the Rams even in the fashion the Eagles did could have been excusable if they didn’t get embarrassed by a bad Washington football team. They came out flat, listless and poorly coached. People tried to blame it on the combo of no Lane Johnson or no Miles Sanders. (those guys not being ready for week one is still a mystery) But then to be shellacked in the second half by the Rams added insult to injury. In both games Carson made rookie mistakes with 4 INTs that were on him. The ton of sacks were a combination of O Line play and Carson holding onto the ball. Adding to the 0-2 misery Jalen Reagor underwent surgery on his hand and will be out at least 3-5 weeks. The Spark is growing

Doug loses his cool

Blame covid, blame no Preseason, blame bad play or just maybe you can “blame it on the rain”. (I bet you didn’t expect a Milli Vanilli reference today) Doug in consecutive weeks seemed to defend Carson, defend his O Line, defend the play calling all the while being snappy at reporters as if they were under his skin almost at times reversing field and laying blame at the players he defended. Now how or why would questions in weeks one and two get Doug all hot and bothered? To me this lends itself to the lack of backing Doug has with the front office, maybe a snake or two in the coaches offices and quite frankly I think he is tired of defending Carson’s rookie mistakes in year five. It’s getting hotter at Nova Care.

“Survivor” Nova Care edition

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of finger pointing and “not it” going on down in South Philly? Between the coachimg dismissals, drafting a QB at 53, the lack of cohesiveness from a very veteran team none of this adds up. If things don’t change fast and I mean a blowout victory to Cincinnati and a huge road win in San Francisco kind of fast. (Baltimore, Pittsburgh and others are coming up) We may see coaches, GMs or players start to get voted off the “Nova Care island”. This could also will be the beginning of the end of the super bowl team and a lot of its parts. And guess what? The EAGLE’S cap Next year is a mess and whatever GM, Coach or palyers inherit this team will be going straight uphill.if things don’t change, A couple of scenerios could be seen at the end of the year in this type of season. A-Doug is let go by week 13 and Jim Schwartz takes the interim reigns while trying to convince Jeffrey Laurie to give him another shot at HC in the NFL . B-The season limps along to a 6,7,8 or 9 win year and Howie gets put back in the “Chip Kelly” closet again or fired. C-Carson gets hurt, Jalen Hurts takes over showing promise and Carson is sent packing in an off season trade. Or D-Some combination of the list. No matter how this season goes (I believe 8-8 or 9-7 at best) In my opinion right now “Something is rotten in the state of Nove care”.

In closing, something just isn’t right in South Philly

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