Mac and Deadpool Buy a Soccer Team?

Yes, you’re reading that right. Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have made a bid to purchase Wrexham A.F.C the third oldest football club (soccer on our side of the pond) in the world. 

Are these our new guys?

News dropped Wednesday that the oldest Welsh club ever (Wales is its own thing in the UK) was in the sites for the duo and it appears as though they’ll be able to take over the 5th division club. They have been fan owned since 2011 and reports from Yahoo Entertainment “A total of 1,223 trust members (95 percent) voted in favor of the proposed takeover on Tuesday.” 

It’s already creating some buzz over there. Matt Jones, who works in the club’s pro shop stated “We’ve had people wanting merchandise from Maryland, Toronto and LA just since this news came out last night” which he told to Sky News early Thursday.  

The most famous Wrexham moment was 1992 when they upset Aresenal in the FA Cup. Their stadium, Racecourse Ground, is the oldest international stadium that still hosts international games. They are known as a club that competes hard without much overall success (sounds familair) and with a rabid fan base. They are known as the “Red Dragons” or the “Red Robbins” and their kits (uniforms) are red for home and green for away. 

The badge of the club, the classic Welsh dragon desgin.


We’ll see if Philly sports gets an extension into Wales thanks to Mac, with an assist from Deadpool over the next coming weeks. If it goes through then Last Out might’ve just adopted a British football club. Stay tuned. 


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