A Little Bit More About Me

My name is Tyler Strasser, and I am currently a junior at Rowan University. My major is Sports Media and Communications, with a minor in journalism. I am an aspiring sports journalist, with a strong passion for almost all major sports.

Unfortunately, I am a lifetime Knicks and Mets fan which has brought me many years of disappointment and anguish. I am also a Cowboys fan living in South Jersey so you can imagine some of the things I’ve heard and seen.

I will primarily be writing about the NFL and some of the different angles and opinions I have on this year’s season. I also enjoy some mild sports gambling, along with fantasy football, so both of those will be talking points in my posts as well. As we move further into the NBA and MLB playoffs, I’m sure I will venture into those sports at some point.

My main goal with my posts is to provide information and new insights on different topics around the NFL and sports as a whole. It’s very easy to get stuck in the regular sports new cycle of the same 4-5 different takes, but my goal is to provide something valuable and unique to everyone that reads my work.

To keep up with me and connect; follow my Twitter so you can see when I post.

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