Keys To An EAGLE’s Victory Over The Rams

John Brady

The Obvious

This one is clear and not hard to point out, but is much easier said then done. They need to stop or at least slow down Aaron Donald. One of the many problems that Aaron Donald brings is how he attacks all parts of an offensive line. (ask the cowboys) Donald can attack from outside in then work inside out, which makes 5 sets of offensive line eyes watching him. So, While they’re all focusing on him the rest of the Rams D-Line & linebackers will usually get one on one or a free run at a QB. Kelce especially needs to have his head on a swivel.

Miles needs miles

We have to see Miles go for “miles and miles” (try & get that jingle out of your head) back from IR Miles Sanders needs to be able to reach the edge with the run game and needs to catch the ball a lot out of the backfield. Dallas was somewhat successful in the run which always helps the pass. It takes the sting out of any defense and any chance to wear Aaron Donald & crew down.

Better Pre-snap reads by Wentz

Carson’s two interceptions last week were totally self-inflicted. Being hurried and running for your life is one thing. Firing a deep out or comeback without checking the corner back’s depth or knowing if they’re in “quarters” coverage, “cover three” or “man to man” will be prove to be an even bigger disaster vs these corners.

Doug needs to take a breath

Doug Pederson cannot, I mean cannot put the team in a deeper hole (if they get into one) by going off script. Doug went for it last week on 4th down when the Eagles were up 3 on the road, in a game that seemed to be turning towards the Washington football team. Doug, take a breath and just punt.

Stop Kupp low Stop Woods high

Jared Goff loves Cooper Kupp on the quick hitters. Slants thru WR bubble screens, that’s Kupp’s Forte. Get a nickel corner in his face to slow that down, cut into his production and what he does best. Slowing Woods down is two-fold. Woods will run the occasional “Jet sweep” in the run game, but is easily Goff’s favorite “down field” guy. The best way to stop down field throws is to get pressure on the QB,that’s on Schwartz and Co to figure out. The secondary could also be in a cover two look to give Goff some hesitation, so not to just let it rip.

Special teams

This is where Cameron Johnston has to hit every punt perfectly. Field position very well may make or break the game. Johnston and his booming punts pinning the Rams deep in their end, will go a long way. Other mental mistakes on all special teams could prove costly, “Do your job”.

To wrap it up

In closing, we all know the Eagles will have a tough game on their hands. These are the games that need to be almost “mistake free” and by executing the offense to a tee while having a suffocating defensive scheme this week. This game could get out of hand early for either the Rams or our Eagles, let’s just hope it’s the Eagles that get to pin their ears back on D the whole 2nd half because the Rams are trying to play catch up.

Final score Eagles 24 Rams 21

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