My Favorite Spots At Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is not only a great place to get fresh fruit and vegetables, but it has a lot of very good spots to eat too. It is one of Philadelphia’s most recognized food destinations and has many stalls and shops that are worth navigating the lines and crowds for. Here are my 5 favorite spots located inside The Reading Terminal Market, listed from my 5th favorite to my 1st favorite, give us yours in the comments section

5–Meatball sandwich at Dinic’s–yes, you heard me right, not the pork sandwich that everyone goes for, but the delicious meatball sandwich, “Dining On A Dime” did a best spots at The Reading Terminal Market show and after I complained about how dry my pork sandwich was from Dinic’s, John Cohl recommended the meatball and sure enough it is absolutely delicious

4–Beiler’s Doughnuts–This is a must try when going to the Reading Terminal, I love their variety and the doughnuts are incredible. It’ll be hard to go back to chain donuts ever again.

3–Molly Malloy’s–Great bar inside the Reading Terminal with good food and drinks, been here a few times and it’s always good.

2–Hershel’s East Side Deli–The pastrami is absolutely delicious and so is everything else, including their side items. This is a deli though and pastrami is king.

1–By George–My favorite places in the city are the ones that make everything on their menu well and not just 2 or 3 items and that’s what they do here …pizza, cheesesteaks, and especially their meatballs are all delicious, no disrespect to the Reading Terminal Market, but this is my favorite spot, by a long shot

Write your favorite spots at the Reading Terminal in the comments section or reach out to our show Dining on a Dime or to myself and be sure to catch our show live on Tuesday’s from 3 to 4 and streaming anytime after that!

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